About Us

Company Vision

EMKAL is a successful, confident team dedicated to excellence, innovation, and a fun, challenging work environment. We are fueled by inspiration, masters of our time and profession, and are deeply connected to each others’ families and the communities we serve.

About Us

EMKAL's Mission Statement


We build trusted long term relationships by providing clear visibility into our clients’ information technology systems, and offering unlimited premium service with no unexpected costs.

Problem Solving

We prove our value by solving the root cause of high-level problems, with an unparalleled commitment to professionalism and customer service.


We give clients a competitive advantage by handling every aspect of their IT environment and providing the most efficient, secure, stable, and affordable solutions with a focus on business scalability and continuity.


We make a difference in the world by helping others achieve their potential, and supporting local community initiatives.

EMKAL Values

Excellence and Professionalism

We strive to be the best at what we do, and we work with trusted vendors who are masters of their field.


We favour a meticulous and thoughtful approach to solving the root cause of problems, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Life Balance

Work shouldn’t stress out the individual or their relationships. We restrict work to regular business hours, and expect employees to leave it behind when they check out for the day. We value our employees’ time, so you can take a walk to recharge when you need to. We are not about clocking in and out, but being in the space where you can achieve your highest potential.


We lead by example, shatter glass ceilings, and continually reinvent ourselves. We are forward thinkers, supporters of creative thinking, and believe in working to benefit the whole.


We are on a mission to restore worldwide balance. Giving back (to the community / world / those in need) is easy and feels good. We work to improve the lives of the people around us.

Customer Service

The client experience is of paramount importance. We consider the impacts of our choices on our clients, and strive to make every interaction a positive one. We always place exceptional customer service above ticket closing ratios.

People Over Profit

We invest our time and money in our people. We aim to hire for life and share experiences and culture to strengthen the team and the individual.

Stability and Security

For our company, our employees, our clients.

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