Our Leadership Team

Martin Rampersad

Chief Executive Officer

Martin has demonstrated technical leadership for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience as a system administrator. He has implemented and integrated many of the proprietary systems used at EMKAL, which are a foundation for the company’s success. He applies his remarkable programming skills to client-facing projects and develops innovative software solutions based on their needs.

Raymond Angod

General Manager

Raymond holds an MBA and a CTDP certification, and helps the organization make informed strategic decisions through data analytics and client outreach. When clients request improvements to their IT infrastructure, he manages these projects and facilitates communication about progress on deliverables. In addition, Raymond establishes business processes to improve the overall performance of EMKAL.

Gordon Pratt

Operations Manager

Gordon pushes himself and his team to consistently achieve an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction. He oversees all client tickets and delegates them to the analyst with the most suitable skill set to ensure that our clients’ problems are solved quickly. He continuously searches for ways to improve business workflow, converting ideas into direct business efficiency gains for both clients and his team.

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