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Why do so many small and medium sized businesses choose managed IT services for their operations?

With rapidly evolving technologies, expanding capabilities and rising customer and contractual needs for compliance, managed IT services have become essential to stay relevant – and competitive.

Realize the Power of Enterprise-Level Services

Managed IT helps you realize responsive, cutting-edge IT for a fraction of the price of an in-house IT team and make the most of the enterprise-grade IT security, framework and systems.
  • Complete control over services and budget
  • Predictable IT costs
  • Freedom to focus on core competencies
No wonder SMB business owners have discovered the benefits of IT outsourcing to the experts!

How Managed IT Services Empower Businesses

Empower Businesses
  • Enable companies to focus on their business goals; business owners can concentrate on strategy, rather than fight IT fires.
  • Don’t be bogged down by a one-time investment in expensive IT that you cannot upgrade; specialists evolve your infrastructure to keep it current.
  • Save on IT staffing costs; experts will provide responsive support, implement requests and provide the day-to-day IT support you need.
  • A virtual CIO oversees your needs and helps you plan for larger IT projects, such as cloud migration, compliance upkeep and more.
  • Managed IT services are thoroughly scalable, allowing you to adjust your IT infrastructure as rapidly as the changes in the market.
  • Pay for what you use and reduce your costs tremendously; access to cutting-edge and critical IT infrastructure.

Why Managed IT Services

  • Collaboration – Connected, cloud storage and computing
  • Planned budgets – Complete clarity on IT budgets
  • Vendor management – Procurement, maintenance and liaising overseen
  • Future-proofing – Proactive maintenance and upgrading of assets
  • Business focus – Internal staff freed from day-to-day IT tasks
  • Assurances – SLAs guarantee service standards
  • Modular services – Deploy services and capability as you need them
  • Integration - Complete integration with your existing systems

At EMKAL, our goal is to be an exceptional partner in your business success. It’s why our managed IT services are neither static nor isolated. We offer responsive support, rapid deployment of IT capability and work to ensure unexpected downtime is kept to a minimum.

You will benefit from:

Managed IT Support Services FAQ

Our pricing is determined by the size and complexity of the client’s IT infrastructure. The simplified checklist should be able to provide them with an estimate. Regarding pricing, though, we should point out that we charge a flat monthly rate for business hour support with no hidden fees. This means that we do not charge extra for on-site visits or remote monitoring and maintenance.

On average, we respond within 30 minutes, and approximately 60% of support tickets submitted by end users are resolved within one business day.

We offer unlimited support, meaning that our clients pay a flat monthly fee and can submit an unlimited number of support tickets. We do not sell “block time”, restrict which users can submit tickets, or in any other way place burden on our clients to ration IT help desk services.

Yes. Any employee can contact us directly by email or phone. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not place limits on the number of support tickets you can submit each month. This encourages staff to report small issues before they evolve into large issues which may cause protracted downtime.

Yes, we offer this service as an extension of our support plan at an hourly rate. Pre-approved users can contact EMKAL directly with urgent after-hour issues. A technician will respond within one hour and rectify the problem as quickly as possible. In order to mitigate these unexpected expenses, EMKAL recommends and implements redundant systems to prevent against unplanned downtime.

Yes, as part of your support contract we will evaluate the efficacy of your IT infrastructure, make recommendations for improvement, and help you to plan for upcoming IT expenditures.

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