A Phone System for The Modern Business

While there are many VoIP offerings on the market, EMKAL stands out as follows:

Cheap as Chips

Unlike other providers that charge $25/seat/month, we don’t do per-seat pricing. Pay only for the minutes you use, starting at a fraction of a cent per minute.

Under Your Control

Don’t get locked in or deal with middle-men. Go month-to-month on our system and pay your phone service provider directly.

Travels With You

Have a business trip? No problem! Your phone will work anywhere that has an internet connection.

For the Global Office

Call overseas colleagues in your organization for free by simply dialing their extension.

Excellent Support

The same team that has a median solve time of under 1 hour will handle your support requests.

The Features You Need

Includes expected features such as auto-attendants, voicemail-to-email, and ring-through to your cell.

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