IT Support & Help Desk

Emkal offers service desk support in any country from 9-5 EST for desktops, notebooks and mobiles, servers and network administration, implementation of firewalls, corporate IT infrastructure such as printers and email set up, asset management and backup recovery support.

Project Management & Implementation

See how Emkal’s project management skills have helped employees gain access to their ERP in China, migrated over 50 active mailboxes and public folders with zero downtime, fixed a client’s Paypal IPN integration and more.

Software Development

Find out why relying on Excel for core workflows will reduce efficiency and increase risk, and how Emkal works with you to identify business objectives the new software will help to achieve and measure the impact of the new software after implementation.

Get an IT Assessment

An initial assessment where we interview the decision-maker(s), understand their IT challenges and how it impacts their business, and get a high-level overview of their systems. Emkal can put together a report of challenges and proposed solutions as well as a proposal for our services.

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Get an IT Assessment

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that EMKAL is categorized as an essential service and as such we are fully operational during the pandemic. Our staff are working remotely and continue to service our clients’ IT infrastructure and supporting work-from-home solutions. If your organization needs assistance with a remote work solution as part of your business continuity planning, please refer to our Routes Transport case study or contact us to see how we can help.