EMKAL’s Management Approach

Putting Employees First

Satisfied and motivated employees translates into excellent customer service, which is reflected in our client feedback scores. Another benefit to this approach is low employee turnover, meaning that our customers develop relationships and trust with our team members, which improves service delivery and overall satisfaction.

Our Goal is to make EMKAL the best place to work, period.

Here are 8 ways we pursue this ambitious goal:

Flexible Work Day

Employees are expected to have slack time to do their own research, socialize with other team members, step away for appointments or simply recharge when necessary

Equal Annual Bonuses

All full-time employees, including the CEO, receive the same annual bonus

Proactive Hiring

We measure our capacity utilization on a monthly basis and begin the hiring process before we become overwhelmed so we can maintain our industry-leading response times

Competitive Salary & Benefits

We regularly scan the external environment and ensure that our salaries are in line with industry standards. Full-time employees are eligible for extended health benefits and RSP matching.

Fully Remote Work

All employees work from home to promote work-life balance and prioritize their family

Frequent Social Events

We get together twice a month to exchange ideas and enjoy social time together

Professional Development

EMKAL pays for training and hardware to keep our technicians at the cutting edge

Bi-Annual Performance Reviews

Employees receive positive and constructive feedback powered by analytics to identify areas for improvement

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