A better, faster, smarter IT department

You Focus on Growth and Scaling
While We Manage Your Entire IT Infrastructure

Personal Computers Personal Computers and Mobile Devices

Experience the stability of having your workstations and mobile devices patched and maintained, secured with anti-virus software, and tracked by an asset management system. Receive unlimited helpdesk access for all supported line of business applications.

Networks and Servers On Premise Servers

Deploy and administer Microsoft Windows Servers with Active Directory Domain Services, including Server 2003, 2008 R2, and 2012 R2. We manage on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers, data storage solutions (SAN, NAS), print servers, SQL/Database servers, DHCP, and DNS services.

Corporate Infrastructure Corporate Infrastructure

Unlock true mobility with a managed Virtual Private Network (VPN), Remote Desktop capabilities (RDP), and remote administrative support for all of your users. Improve business continuity with our expert Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and layer one support for your Accounting, ERP, and CRM software.

IT Projects IT Projects

Benefit from enterprise grade project management and full stack deployment. We virtualize physical systems, reconstruct RAID, set up corporate wireless, migrate hosted Exchange, implement Cloud/SaaS solutions, and develop custom in-house software applications.

Networks and Servers Network and Hardware

Minimize downtime and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the best switches, routers, battery backups, and VLAN configurations. We procure third-party services and hardware that meet your performance needs, provide robust scalability, offer the best dollar value, and are backed by a reliable warranty.

Networks and Servers Cloud / Software as a Service

Leverage the power of cloud computing for file sharing (Egnyte), live granular backups for critical workstations and servers (CrashPlan), Mail and Desktop productivity (Google Apps or Office 365), and virtual hosted servers (Azure, AWS).

Your company is looking for:

  1. Immediate solutions to computer, security, and networking problems
  2. Someone to design, manage, and implement medium to long term IT projects
  3. A competent and reliable IT partner who intimately knows and understands your business

EMKAL is better than an Employee

  1. No sick days or vacation--we are always available!
  2. We take care of benefits and vacation for our staff.
  3. Our managers handle IT so yours can focus on business.
  4. Measurable ROI with full transparency and service standards.

The EMKAL Process

Unlimited Support
Our remote helpdesk and onsite service teams fully support your existing infrastructure, your new infrastructure and every staff member at every location. We become your New IT Department.
Full Infrastructure Audit
Like a Home Inspector, our assessment team arrives onsite to evaluate your hardware, software and infrastructure. We gather data and produce a report on the strengths and improvements needed in your environment.
Our tactical team works directly with yours to mobilize on projects that provide direct business benefits and reduce risk to your operation. We deliver more than 200 projects per year in the areas of workstation and server upgrades, mobile device management, virtualization, network upgrades and the "cloud" (software as a service).