Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small, Medium, & Large Businesses

Secure your business with automated and secure backups to the cloud

Access all your files anywhere at anytime

EMKAL offers secure and convenient data storage solutions for small and mid-size businesses. We protect your data with industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption, automatic backups and unlimited storage.

Our cloud backup for business schedules backups from all your computers, servers and mobile devices and stores it in the cloud, securely. All your files are available for you to download and use whenever you want, and on any device.


Did you know EMKAL’s cloud backup can be accessed from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet too?

Benefits of cloud backup

EMKAL’s version control helps prevent the latest files being overwritten by older files, ensuring worry-free collaboration.

Benefits of cloud backup

Why cloud backup for business?

In the face of ever-evolving cyber threats, even the best IT and security cannot guarantee the integrity and security of networks and systems. Backups protect you from data loss, data corruption, hijacked systems and extortion through ransomware.

Minimize risk

Scheduled automatic backups of critical information and applications for rapid recoverability in the event of catastrophic failure.


Cloud backups run in the background, without affecting the productivity of your systems and staff. Data backup is carried out incrementally and can be scheduled after hours.

Physical backup and archiving

Need physical backups and archiving solutions? EMKAL can implement physical storage solutions on-site.

Data Security

All data is stored with 256-bit AES encryption. Where many cloud backup solutions will leave your data unprotected while transmission, EMKAL encrypts your data for transfer.

Round-the-clock support

EMKAL provides 24/7 support over phone, chat and email. Our team also provides on-site support and schedules planned physical storage pick up.

Disaster recovery program

Has your business suffered a natural event like a flood damage or fire? Have your computers been hijacked by a cybercriminal or ransomware? With EMKAL’s industry leading back up systems, know that your business can be restored to ‘business as usual’ in no time at all. Where other IT storage companies take days to restore your data, we measure downtime in hours and minutes.

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