How Mobile Device Management Can Benefit Your Organization

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Today’s society relies on mobile devices for just about everything. While mobile devices are no longer considered new, we’re still in a period where these devices are constantly evolving to create more opportunities and possibilities for users.

In order for businesses to benefit from an increasingly mobile world, both IT security consultants and business owners need to be aware of how tablets, mobile phones, and other hand held devices can support and improve productivity. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t fully understand how they can benefit from enterprise mobility services and what can be done to fully support the use of mobile devices in the workplace.

4 Ways Mobile Device Management Supports Business Success

Mobile Device Management involves using software to secure, monitor, manage, and support mobile devices belonging to your company or being used by your employees. There are so many benefits to your employees being able to use mobile devices to access company data quickly and easily, but that does mean that companies need to have mobile monitoring systems in place. Using Mobile Device Management software and managed IT support services is a great way to achieve network security and keep company data secure.

Working with IT security consultants, like EMKAL, will allow your business to create a Mobile Device Management plan that works for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most important benefits that come from engaging strategic enterprise mobility services and being proactive about mobile devices use for business purposes.

1. Tracking of company assets by GPS and IP address.

Using Mobile Device Mangement can support human resource management, compliance management as well as asset management.

2. Application control.

You’ll be able to create device restrictions such as restricting websites or apps in order to keep devices clean and functioning properly. In addition, if your organization uses apps necessary to complete required work, Mobile Device Management can create a centralized control for users who need to install these apps on their devices. In addition, this centralized management system can control access and the ability to disable applications.

3. Automatic deployment of applications, e-mail accounts and device security policies.

Ensuring systems are up-to-date is critical as it helps to ensure system security. Mobile Device Management controls deployments and updates centrally while complying with required regulations and protecting your data.

4. Company asset security.

With Mobile Device Management, you can easily delete confidential information from any device. Being able to lock or wipe devices in case of a security breach creates immeasurable peace of mind. You can also encrypt all device content, another way to protect company data.

Does Your Business Need Mobile Device Management?

If your business is looking to increase your mobile network security or invest in managed IT support services, contact EMKAL. Our expert team can share more about Mobile Device Management and what it can do to specifically enhance your systems and security. The use of mobile devices in a business environment is here to stay, so let us help your company maximize all that mobile devices have to offer. To learn more about our IT services, call (866)-376-4776 and schedule a free onsite consultation.

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