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Why is EMKAL the leading provider of IT consulting in Mississauga? Our consultants give the objective perspective and industry expertise that businesses are often unable to see from within. Whether it is resolving problems within your organization or helping you identify emerging technologies that will improve your margins or expand your capabilities, our team provides more than just technology consulting in Mississauga.


Training and continued skill development are what differentiate a productive organization from an industry leader. Even the most agile of business models can become complacent, and it’s where EMKAL helps. We reinvigorate professionals with the potential of new technologies and offer a new perspective on what is achievable and possible.


As one of the most respected companies providing IT consulting in Oakville, we have helped many Canadian businesses grow and thrive.


Our consultants specialize in working with small and mid-size businesses. Our team is experienced in bringing a range of solutions that are right for you. Our consultants will not provide standard form ideas that work for the biggest businesses – we provide real world solutions that will provide more value than you expect. After all, we want to provide IT consulting Oakville trusts to stay at the cutting-edge.


Whether you want to be an IT leader or streamline your operations for maximum efficiency, our Mississauga consultants will create the right solution for you.


We provide end-to-end IT consulting services in Mississauga, Oakville, and GTA. Our consultants work with developers, network specialists and vendors to ensure the planning and implementation of your projects meet your functional cost requirements.

EMKAL is a full-service provider of managed IT in Mississauga. Speak to a consultant today to find out how we will meet your IT needs and reduce your IT staffing costs.

Cybersecurity and your Business

Small and mid-size companies in Canada are facing an increased number of cyberattacks. Corporate espionage, intellectual property theft and outright financial crimes are a reality for organizations of all sizes. Just because you are a small outfit does not mean you are immune. In fact, with the commonality of platforms and APIs, ‘untargeted’ attacks are more common than ever. What’s more, Mississauga’s reputation for innovation and competitive Canadian businesses has put it, particularly at risk.


Our consultants have helped businesses close their vulnerabilities and prepare for a loss of critical information without losing the core business.


Speak to our IT consulting team in Mississauga to schedule an audit of your IT infrastructure and set your employees up for success.

Cyber Security

IT Consultants in Mississauga & Oakville

Is an outdated IT framework causing you to miss out on lucrative contracts? Are you struggling to identify inefficiencies in your business? Speak to an IT consultant in Mississauga and Oakville to find out how we will integrate your systems and empower you with insight and control.

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