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Efficient, agile and cost-effective IT outsourcing services

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Your IT is the backbone of your business. Make sure you have IT outsourcing services that meet your cost objectives and deliver performance above and beyond.

At EMKAL, IT outsourcing services are a core competency. Our scalable services are designed to ensure optimum efficiency.

Making Outsourcing Your IT Easy

Is Outsourcing Your IT Right For You?

Find out if outsourcing your IT to EMKAL can save your bottom line, make your business more agile and enhance the quality of services.

Specialized expertise

We empower businesses with powerful IT services while reducing the operating costs and risks. For our clients, that means reduced overhead and improved service delivery for their users. These are some examples of why small and mid-size businesses around Kitchener rely on EMKAL for their IT needs.

Wide reach

Technicians are spread out around Kitchener, Mississauga, Oakville, and the West GTA.

Risk mitigation

We have integrated risk mitigation into our tools and processes, such as 24/7 network monitoring and planned redundancy.

Vendor independence

Long-standing relationships with technology partners to deliver market leading solutions at very competitive rates.

Business partners

We align IT outsourcing services with your business objectives.

Complete IT Outsourcing Services & Solutions

With our model, you have full visibility of our services and associated costs. As your managed IT service provider, we know our role is to help you realize your vision and ensure you have the systems to get there.


EMKAL provides a full suite of IT outsourcing services. We understand that every business has unique needs and our services are scalable to help our clients remain agile.


Our IT outsourcing are designed to adapt to the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses.

IT service desk

Multi-site support teams and remote support minimize risk and help reduce costs.

Workplace IT

Enabling a stable, secure and streamlined IT environment for employees and operations.


Secure and robust network with professionally managed firewalls, user access and configuration, and reduced network downtime.

Dedicated security

Enterprise-grade security, device management, and end-user training.

Agile services

Service-first model ensuring alignment with business objectives, and rapid application development and deployment.

Scalable capacity

Specializations and IT outsourcing services you require, and just-in-time provisioning.

Cross-functional IT

IT is a strategic asset that helps integrate business functions and infrastructure operations. At EMKAL, our IT outsourcing solutions will empower you with insight.

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