Managed Network Solutions

Managed network services for an interconnected world

Reliable & Robust Network Solutions

Is your IT spending more time troubleshooting networks than executing business projects? Our managed network solutions will let your team focus on what matters most.


EMKAL is a managed network services provider that will optimize your network and ultimately improve security. Whether a single office, across multiple sites or a remote operation, we will keep your operations running seamlessly.

Don't let your competitive edge erode with network downtime. Call EMKAL.

EMKAL is a full-service IT team. Our managed network solutions are backed by specialists who are available to respond to requests and troubleshoot as necessary.


Establish a robust network for your cloud infrastructure.

Our Services

At EMKAL, we understand that your network is an integral part of your IT infrastructure. Whether a small business or a mid-size organization, your network must be able to connect your operations reliably and exactly as you need it.


That’s why so many businesses choose EMKAL for their managed network solutions. Our solutions provide you the control and options to configure the network exactly as you want it.

Comprehensive Control

Our package of solutions includes everything from planning, procurement, installation, configuration, management of existing devices to health monitoring of the network.

Technical Support

Our experts will visit your site to fix problems promptly. We work with third party vendors to implement network changes as needed as well, to ensure things are done properly.

Professional Partnership

Regular network audits and disaster planning ensure your network is ready for whatever the future has in store.

User Access Control

IT staff will have comprehensive control over user access to the network.

Adaptive Firewalls

Unique firewalls, policies, traffic-shaping, VLAN tags and QoS to ensure validity and prioritization of network traffic.

Expanding or moving to a new site?

Whether you are moving to a new site or expanding your operation, we will take care of network migration so you can focus on your core business.

Benefits of Managed Network Services

Our solutions are designed to reduce unexpected downtime, improve agility and extract maximum utility from your network.

One-stop network support

One managed network provider for both your local and global needs.

Lowered costs, improved service

Reduce your staffing needs and benefit from specialists looking after your network.

Power your business with IT

We are business partners who will help you to develop a competitive edge for your business through superior IT systems.

Complete security package

We establish a robust IT infrastructure which keeps ransomware, malware, and other threats out of your network.

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