What Is Ransomware And How Can I Protect My Organization Against It?

Do you know what you would do if your organization was hit by ransomware? Before most companies can answer that question, they tend to need other questions answered first. If you don’t have a cyber security provider, chances are you may not even know what ransomware is or how your company could be affected should you become a target.

Unfortunately, ransomware attacks continue to increase with each passing year and so it’s time for all companies to learn more about what it is and the impact it can have before it’s too late.

What You Need To Know About Ransomware?

Before you start investing in a vulnerability management plan, let’s talk about what ransomware is and how it works. Ransomware is malware that holds your data hostage and demands payment for its release. It will discover, collect, stage and encrypt target data and then put that data for use or sale on the dark web. Ransomware poses a huge threat as there are very few remedies available. Companies that suffer an attack are left with very high costs and business interruptions that can cripple any organization.

The good news is that with the right cyber security provider, organizations can prevent most ransomware before an attack is ever launched. Creating a vulnerability management program starts with a smart and open approach that includes:

• Developing and practicing an incident response plan.
• Understanding what is on your network at all times and maintaining a live inventory
• Creating an aggressive and current patch management policy for updating endpoints, operating systems and applications.
• Establishing and maintaining a minimum-security baseline.
• Limiting common attack vectors by disabling Flash and Windows Script Host (WSH). The more prepared you are in advance, the better your chances of avoiding (or surviving) a ransomware attack.

If ransomware is successful in gaining a foothold in your organization, having a response plan and the right tools in place is vital to limiting the potential damage. For most organizations, this is an overwhelming and stressful situation that they can’t handle on their own. Bringing in a cyber security provider is often the best approach as they will be able to identify the scope of the attack, contain the event, protect machines that have not been affected, isolate machines that have, restore backup, and complete updates and patches.

Keep Ransomware Off Your Network With EMKAL

Most successful ransomware attacks gain access through a known vulnerability. The best way to avoid this is by creating a steadfast vulnerability management plan and protecting your company. If you need support in ensuring your company is adequately ready to defend itself against ransomware, contact EMKAL. Our team of information technology experts can help you ensure that your IT environment is efficient, secure, and stable so that you can focus on business growth and success. To learn more about EMKAL and our IT services, call (877)-653-6525 and schedule a free onsite consultation.

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