Enterprise Mobility Services

Helping businesses make their operations agile safely and within budget

Safely unshackle your organization from the ‘office’ and ‘desk’

It is not enough to just meet the increasing needs of a mobile workforce – your tools must give them the resources that let them succeed in an agile business environment. EMKAL specializes in providing comprehensive mobility solutions that address every phase of your mobility lifecycle – from selecting devices to meeting day-to-day security and maintenance needs.



EMKAL is the trusted enterprise mobility service provider, working with agile businesses with fewer than 10 employees, to multi-location, diversified operations with over a hundred employees.



Whatever your industry, whatever your requirements, EMKAL will ensure you meet your security and capability requirements within budget.

Our Managed Mobility Services

EMKAL has helped many organizations transform their business with intelligent technologies that are scalable and responsive. Don’t let your capacity expansion and industry leadership be stifled by enterprise management that cannot keep pace with you.


EMKAL enables enterprise mobility for businesses with seamless mobile experiences. With our clients increasingly migrating to mobile devices powered by Android and iOS, we lead the way as recommended platform partners and service providers. Our personnel are trained to implement successful mobile deployments. Our team is always at the forefront of the latest developments, providing you benefits of the capabilities introduced every product cycle.

Enterprise security

Enterprise mobility must not be looked at from a short-term perspective; companies must be prepared to face challenges that can arise from mobile access. At EMKAL, we manage enterprise mobility holistically, not as a singular or disjointed strategy.

Device management

The ability to service all devices and platforms consistently.

Application management

Core corporate control over individual device access to cloud resources and mobility restrictions. Sandboxing personal and professional devices and services, implementing equal security and access policies across platforms.

Identity management

Securing organizations’ proprietary information with authentication policies and access control, without compromising the user experience.

Content management

Protect confidential information from unintended use and unauthorized access outside of your organization’s firewall.

Mobility made easy

At EMKAL, we approach enterprise mobility as a highly agile service that requires custom solutions for every client. When you work with EMKAL, you are assured of flexible plans that tightly integrate with your devices and framework. 


Our project managers plan contingency overhead, so we always have the bandwidth to meet your growing needs.

Want to make your organization more mobile? Want to outsource your critical IT mobility needs to dedicated experts? Speak to a consultant and receive a no-obligation audit of your enterprise mobility.

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