Remote IT Support & Monitoring

Making Businesses Agile With Remote Managed IT Services

At EMKAL we make remote IT management as effective and intuitive as having an in-house team. We work with businesses in Toronto, Burlington and Oakville to provide industry-leading cloud services, network management, disaster recovery solutions and IT support.

Realize the power of responsive IT solutions without the overheads of maintaining in-house IT staff.

Remote IT Solutions for the Agile Business

Remote managed services are helping businesses tap into the true potential of remote operations. And EMKAL is at the forefront of affordable, agile, and flexible remote IT support services.


Our team works with business owners to understand global supply chains and complex business models, offering custom remote IT solutions. We help organizations make their IT infrastructure accessible without compromising on security.

Remote IT Support Services

EMKAL is committed to providing access to enterprise-grade tools in a way that makes the best business case for remote operations. Our support team provides complete configuration, cloud management, network security and remote IT monitoring. Round-the-clock services mean your business can focus on productivity. It’s the little things like user-friendly but effective device policies, reliable VPNs and optimizing maintenance schedules that keep your business performing at its peak.


Remote operations benefit from rapid response at any time, wherever in the world they are located. Our support process is designed to be practical.

Benefits of Remote Managed IT Services in Toronto

Remote operations have ushered in a higher level of agility in the marketplace. It is why EMKAL is committed to being a great business partner, not just an IT company in Toronto. Our managed IT services are designed for an agile workplace and telecommuting (work from home). From employee training to performance management, network resource monitoring to uptime, you have a complete overview of how your business is performing at any given time.

Empowering Businesses with Remote IT

At EMKAL we believe IT should be a productive part of the business that enables operations and opportunities. It is this commitment that helps us deliver affordable, practical, and well-designed solutions to clients in Toronto, Burlington, and Oakville.

Make sure your business is geared for the ‘remote office’ of tomorrow and speak to our team today. We offer complete managed IT services, cloud services, backup, disaster recovery and on-site and off-site support.
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