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Server support services for Your business to keep your operations running smoothly

Great servers run unseen in the background

With servers being such an integral part of your business, make sure you have the right server support services that protect you from downtime, data loss and data corruption, and ever-evolving cyber threats.


At EMKAL, we offer complete server management, maintenance and migration services. Our flat rate fees mean you don’t have to worry about hidden costs and unexpected charges inflating your IT bills.


We are server experts for all aspects of server management and platforms – including vSphere ESXi, vCenter, Linux (CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu), Microsoft Windows Server and HyperV.

Why EMKAL for Server Support Services

We are the leading provider of managed IT services in Kitchener, managing server setups for a wide range of businesses in the region. Whether you run a manufacturing facility, a thriving eCommerce business with high uptime requirements, or require shared storage and hosting for your digital marketing business, our services are flexible, and we have the scalable capability and support you need.


Experienced experts – EMKAL’s server support team brings years of experience managing and maintaining all types of servers, and migrating legacy servers to the latest hardware and operating system.


We not only provide comprehensive support for your business’ entire IT needs, but also specialize in cloud and on-site server management.

Our Services

Trusted Business Partners

The best server partners you can have are ones that blend into the background, keeping your servers running optimally and ensuring as little downtime as possible. We provide custom server solutions for all our clients, making sure you are never wanting for server capacity, capability or support.


Our monthly flat rate fees offer tremendous value. Our project managers will ensure you have full information about our breakdown of charges and what is included in your IT support services package.

To find out how accessible we make server support, speak to our representatives today.

EMKAL partners with the most reputed hardware and software vendors, and server services providers, to provide specific and affordable solutions.

Virtual Servers

Thinking of moving your computing infrastructure to the cloud, on a remotely hosted server? Make sure you choose a partner that follows the industry best practices for security, compatibility and support. Virtual servers have given businesses large and small incredible options for procuring additional storage and computing capacity exactly when they need it.



EMKAL’s extensive virtual server support services enables deep cloud integration, giving you real time control over access, monitoring and powerful dashboards. Make sure your business works with the best in the business to get secure, encrypted storage solution, email migration, delivery assistance or assistance switching servers and platforms.

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