IT Professional Services

Evolving organizations for the modern marketplace with IT professional services

Transform your business with innovative digital solutions

EMKAL helps business owners incorporate technology and transform their business. From business process improvement consultation to adaptive security services, we help businesses integrate their human capital and technology tightly.

When you allow your technology to become obsolete, you risk losing your competitiveness. You need a technology partner that designs and delivers cost-effective solutions for your organization. Our approach is to change how you perceive the role of IT at your organization and how you leverage IT for your business.


EMKAL will transport your small or mid-size business into a new age of IT governance, innovation and intelligent insight. Our IT professional services prepare you with enterprise-level methodologies and capabilities.

Beyond technology

IT enables you to realize the efficiency and modernization you want for your business.

Industry leaders

We will transform your business into a tightly run organization with IT solutions integrated in your future plans.

Time to value

Rapid deployment of transformative technologies gives you the edge and makes your IT professional services a profit generating competitive differentiator for your business.

Complete IT Professional Services

From operational needs to IT leading pilot projects, our consultants work with businesses of all types of IT deployment, helping connect the right technology with the right applications.

Local Team

Our local teams and on-site support provide the training, insight and operational support your employees need to make the most of your evolving IT.

Multi-disciplinary team

A team of IT consultants and industry experts works cohesively to implement strategies to integrate capabilities into your operation.

Our Key Strengths

EMKAL is the leading provider of IT professional services in Kitchener for manufacturing and commercial operations, digital businesses and for retail. Our expertise working with clients from dozens of industries has made us the ideal partners. Our services are scalable, adding to your IT existing setup, taking on IT outsourcing and providing professional managed IT.

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