Server Monitoring

round-the-clock server monitoring

At EMKAL we know how crucial servers are to operations and how even small fluctuations in performance can have big consequences for the business. EMKAL’s server monitoring services are not ‘standard’ for all clients, like most other IT providers in Toronto and Oakville. Our server monitoring services are customized for every client, after understanding their business processes and priorities.


Our server management team brings the expertise, rapid response, and round-the-clock remote server management capability that in-house IT teams simply cannot provide. All that while reducing the payroll and administrative overheads a business must bear.

Server Monitoring Services

Our IT solutions are geared to empowering small and mid-sized businesses. EMKAL keeps your servers operating optimally, proactively looking for errors and protecting your operations with plans for minimizing server downtime.


If any critical component of your IT infrastructure is not functioning correctly, we will almost instantly be alerted to the problem and assign a technician to investigate.


Predictable Budgeting with Managed IT Services

An outsourced IT team is an inefficient way of operating servers. Our network management tools and skill set provides specialized and up-to-date services that in-house IT teams simply cannot rival. Not only that, an outsourced team reduces an organization’s staffing and administrative costs.


Our contracts enable predictable budgeting and rapid scaling of services. It means you pay for exactly the services you need, rather than bearing the burden of excess capacity. Service and support requests are clearly ticketed so that you have full visibility of services delivered.


Reduce your staffing costs while adding the peace of mind of round-the-clock off-site and on-site server support.

Effective server monitoring begins with proactively finding weaknesses, preparing for spikes in demand and risk of request overloads. We investigate bottlenecks and optimize workflows to maximize resources and minimize latency.

Cost-effective Server Monitoring Solutions

At EMKAL we work closely with business owners and IT departments to prepare and manage servers for their unique operations. Our goal is to enhance productivity and offer advanced support for all businesses in Toronto and Oakville. Talk to us about affordable remote server monitoring for your business.
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