The Workplace in 2020: What Employees Expect from Their Office IT

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The workplace has changed enormously compared to 20 years ago. Back then, the internet operated through phone lines at a snail’s pace. Large CRT monitors and clunky keyboards dominated desk space. Software was installed by CD one workstation at a time.

While some organizations have remained on the cutting edge of technology, others are still living in the past. Deficiencies in your IT infrastructure will not only expose you to increased risk and reduced productivity, but could also make your company less effective at attracting and retaining top talent. Here are 5 things employees are coming to expect from their offices in the year 2020:

Working remotely / Working from home

In the modern workplace, employees expect to be able to pack their laptop and say, “I’ll be working from home tomorrow.”  This presents security challenges which did not exist in the past. An experienced managed IT service provider will be able to establish a robust and reliable VPN to enable workers to access company servers and collaborate in real-time.

Corporate smartphones

Employees in positions that require travel might require a corporate smartphone to stay up-to-date with their email and messages. In addition to the upfront and monthly costs of providing corporate smartphones, employers need to consider how they will deploy mobile device management (MDM) to safeguard these assets and their company data. MDM allows you to instantly roll-out policies, prevent malicious apps from being installed, and lock or even wipe the device remotely should it be lost or stolen.

Some organizations prefer a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, however there are substantial security risks with this approach and you should consult with an IT expert before going down this route.

Video conferencing

Want to schedule a face-to-face with a client on the other side of the world? No problem, video conferencing solutions such as Skype and WebEx have made long-distance communication so much easier. However, these services require a fast and stable internet connection to prevent packet loss, jitter, and latency issues. Ensure that you have business fibre internet with reliable uptime that will support video conferencing, and ideally redundant internet to further mitigate the risk of dropped calls. 

Cloud backup for business

When faced with a major business disruption, such as a fire or flood in the server room, employees would expect that their organization can quickly restore its operations. A combination of local and cloud backups, when properly configured, can prevent the frustration and disappointment of unrecoverable data which might represent weeks or months of lost work.

Reduced administrative paperwork

In the past, employees were required to staple together physical receipts with accompanying documentation to justify their expenses on the road, such as meals and accommodations. This is not only non-productive time for your organization but is also a menial task that might de-motivate workers. Apps such as Genius Scan allow employees to basically scan their receipts with their smartphone and submit them on the spot. No more headaches dealing with lost receipts or employees forgetting the details of their expenses!

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The modern workplace throws up a whole new set of challenges for organizations. Securing confidential information on mobile devices, enabling real-time collaboration and implementing ever-stricter security protocol has become a challenge for in-house IT departments. It’s why so many businesses are turning to managed IT professional services.

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