Network Vulnerability Assessment & Management Program for Business

EMKAL’s vulnerability management program has helped multiple businesses find and patch flaws in their security

In mobile and dynamic technology environments, a regular and ongoing vulnerability management program is the only way businesses can stay one step ahead of cyberattacks. EMKAL invests resources into its vulnerability assessment capabilities to ensure your systems are as guarded against intrusion as they can be.

What is a vulnerability management program?

Vulnerability management begins with effective vulnerability assessment. It starts with thorough probing of your operational functions to identify potential points of intrusion. This can be unauthorized network access, social engineering attacks (such as disguised emails), intrusion into cloud services and application services. Identification of flaws allows patching and closing routes of intrusion.

We follow industry best practices and our own unique methods to identify technological and social weak spots in your infrastructure.


Our team probes your applications and defenses for weaknesses, including on-premises systems, mobile devices, cloud services, networks and virtualized services.


We prioritize vulnerability through risk scoring, business impact and impact on third parties such as clients, customers and vendors.


Reporting and remediating practices are an essential component of vulnerability management programs so that they do not recur.

Specific Capabilities

Cyber Security

Network Vulnerability Management

Networks are key points of unauthorized access and points of attack. DDoS and DNS attacks can easily overpower networks not protected against large attacks. EMKAL works with clients to implement a multi-layer plan to ensure that network vulnerabilities do not permeate through multiple levels of protection, and business operation is not compromised catastrophically in the event of attack.

Our process

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Specific features of network vulnerability management

Benefits of a Vulnerability Management Program

IT services today are complex and exposed to a wide variety of scenarios meaning that they are continually under threat – even from seemingly benign and trusted sources. As networks and IT systems grow, the labyrinth of legacy and leftover systems can introduce tremendous enterprise vulnerabilities. Vulnerability assessment, therefore, assesses systems and networks not only qualitatively but quantitatively.


With the comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessment we provide, our clients benefit from our up-to-date knowledge and meticulous approach to vulnerability assessment. Whether you operate in a high-risk field or need to keep a wide range of stakeholders satisfied, make sure you retain the best vulnerability assessment and management team in Kitchener, Mississauga, Oakville, Guelph, Waterloo, and GTA.


Speak to a consultant to find out how our team can raise the security quotient of your network and IT every day – without causing a significant drain on your resources or your IT budget.

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