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At EMKAL, we speak your language, making IT easy and understandable for all business owners. We know you want tightly integrated solutions that will pay for themselves, and that’s exactly what we deliver.


As the leading providers of IT consulting, Cambridge business owners appreciate our honest appraisal of their IT needs, cost-effective solutions and our approach of being responsive business partners.

Helping small and mid-size businesses realize their full potential with integrated, collaborative and intelligent IT.

Our IT services give you, the business owner, complete control over your IT framework, with all the implementation and maintenance overheads taken care of by our experts.

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Complete IT Solutions

At EMKAL, we know that no two businesses are alike. Whether you are leading a small company of ten people or are heading a growing mid-size business, our flexible and modular IT services will make it easy to get exactly what you need. Being the best IT consulting in Cambridge means being the best business partners for you, not just an IT agency.

EMKAL provides complete IT consulting in Cambridge. To find out how we can supercharge your IT, speak to a representative today and receive a free audit of your IT.

Cyber Security and SMBs

Corporate espionage and cyber intrusion are a reality. To think you are ‘too small to be attacked’ is exactly the kind of thinking that has left so many start-ups and SMBs vulnerable to ransomware, malware, keyloggers and phishing attacks. The smaller the business the more lucrative the target: lack of advanced security and much greater probability of the business owner agreeing to attackers’ demands.


IT is a highly specialized service and SMBs discover over time they simply do not have the bandwidth to employ staff and infrastructure in-house to meet even the basic requirements to secure their business and encrypt their operations.


Work with a leading IT solutions company to ensure you have secure and reliable access to the tools which are vital to your success, such as CRM and ERP software and other cloud and on-premise solutions. Our industry-leading back up protocol and disaster planning makes sure you aren’t held hostage if your business’ security is compromised.

Why IT Consulting in Cambridge, ON

Best IT Consulting Firm in Cambridge, ON

Is your business missing out on opportunities because of inadequate IT? An incomplete or an informal IT setup can easily rob you of business opportunities and force you into inefficient procurement and collaboration. With up-to-date IT, you can:

Speak to an EMKAL representative in Cambridge to discover how we can integrate your sales, collaboration and performance tracking software and secure your IT.

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