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EMKAL works with hundreds of manufacturing, service-led and retail businesses in Etobicoke. We are the leading provider of affordable IT services to small and mid-size businesses.


IT is an essential aspect of your operation. Done right, it will fit like a glove. At EMKAL, we start by conceptualizing a framework that will make sense for your business and then integrate it tightly into your business. We regard ourselves more as a business partner than just an IT firm. Our clients appreciate our honest appraisal of their IT needs, cost-effective solutions and our approach to streamline systems.

Full-Service IT Consulting Etobicoke

We know that no two businesses are alike. Whether you are leading a small company of ten people or are heading a growing mid-size business, our flexible and modular IT services will make getting exactly what you need a cinch.
  • Software development
  • IT auditing and planning
  • Supporting CRM solutions
  • Email and web hosting
  • Database management
  • Network management
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT security services
  • Back up and archiving
  • Disaster planning
  • Employee training
  • Virtual CIO
  • Vendor management
  • Future planning
  • IT budgeting
  • On-site support
  • 24/7 urgent after-hours support available

EMKAL provides complete IT consulting in Etobicoke. To find out how we can supercharge your IT, speak to a representative today and receive a free audit of your IT.

Evolving Cybersecurity Needs

A Cyberattack can come in many different forms with a range of consequences:

  • Ransom and extortion
  • Becoming a botnet
  • Computers used for illegal activities (like DNS and DDoS attacks)
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Private customer information stolen
  • Compromised accounts
  • Identity theft (putting vendors and customers at risk)
  • Trade secrets and confidential information leaked

Corporate espionage and cyber intrusion are a reality. There is dangerous misconception that only the biggest companies are targets for cyber criminals. Small and mid-size businesses are far more lucrative targets: much more vulnerable to attack and far more likely to give into ransom and extortion demands.


In today’s interconnected and globalized network, prevention is the only cure. Once information is compromised, it is nearly impossible to affect any meaningful restitution. Too many promising businesses have suffered the consequences of corporate espionage and crippling cyberattacks.

What are some common cyberattacks today?

Cyber Security
  • ‘Middleman’ network interception
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Keyloggers and other tracking tools
  • DDoS attacks

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving need. A solution that is effective today will become redundant soon. To rely only on in-house expertise is a high-risk strategy and low-specialization method of securing your systems.

Speak to an EMKAL representative in Cambridge to discover how we can integrate your sales, collaboration and performance tracking software and secure your IT.

Leading IT Consulting in Etobicoke

Discover how you can empower your business with a robust IT infrastructure, with all the implementation and maintenance overheads taken care of by our experts.


An incomplete or an informal IT setup can rob you of business opportunities and result in reduced efficiency.


Speak to an EMKAL representative in Etobicoke today to find out how we can integrate your sales, collaboration and performance tracking software and secure your IT.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that EMKAL is categorized as an essential service and as such we are fully operational during the pandemic. Our staff are working remotely and continue to service our clients’ IT infrastructure and supporting work-from-home solutions. If your organization needs assistance with a remote work solution as part of your business continuity planning, please refer to our Routes Transport case study or contact us to see how we can help.