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EMKAL is recognized as the most responsive team of IT consultants in Milton. We are helping several small and medium-sized businesses achieve their objectives with services that are more than just ‘fit for purpose’.

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A growing business has evolving IT needs, that’s why at EMKAL our services are flexible and modular. Responsiveness is a priority for us, to ensure we provide the capabilities you want, when you want them. With us, your IT will never be the holdup in your business. Whether you are planning to migrate from consumer-grade business tools to custom integrated IT solutions or to expand your IT infrastructure, we are the team for you. 

Helping businesses maximize their operational efficiencies, reduce IT overheads – and become globally competitive organizations.

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EMKAL provides complete IT consulting in Milton. Our team of developers, network specialists and project managers can realize any demands you have of your IT. We believe innovation and efficiency are our core competencies.

EMKAL is a full-service provider of IT consulting in Milton, ON. Speak to a representative today to find out how we will meet your IT needs and reduce your IT staffing costs.

Cyber security and SMBs

It is a common misconception that SMBs are too small to be lucrative targets for cyber criminals. Wrong!


Small and medium-sized businesses are prime targets for cyberattacks. Their vulnerability to cyberattack, socially engineered intrusion, and lack of basic security policies makes them easy targets. Moreover, business owners are far more likely to fulfil ransom demands, due to the criticality of IT infrastructure, insufficient IT expertise and lax archiving practices.


Ransomware, malware, keyloggers and other tracking software are an ever-present threat for any business. The reliance on cloud storage and computing has made confidential business information particularly vulnerable to middleman attacks. A lack of proper employee training means businesses become more unsecured as they grow.


It’s why an expert IT consulting company is essential for all businesses. With dedicated resources, up-to-date security information and threat monitoring, we help protect you and plan for worst-case scenarios. Our industry-leading backup protocol and disaster planning make sure you aren’t held hostage if your business’ security is compromised.


Today, the most vulnerable and most lucrative targets for cybercriminals are small and mid-size businesses. Not only are they unguarded against the newest evolving threats, business owners are far more likely to accede to extortionate demands due to a lack of disaster planning.


As a responsible cybersecurity services provider, EMKAL ensures critical IT infrastructure, information and applications are sandboxed and backed up regularly and remotely. It means even in the event of catastrophic intrusion, you can be back up and running in a few hours.


Speak to EMKAL to understand how we plan for cyberattacks and protect your most vital information.

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IT Consulting in Milton

Is your business missing out on opportunities because of inefficient IT? Are you worried about trade secrets and confidential information falling into the wrong hands? Do you want to protect your business from disaster with off-site back-ups?


Speak to an IT advisor in Milton to discover how we can integrate your manufacturing, sales, collaboration and performance tracking software and secure your IT.

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